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The new heat flow meter HFM (Heat Flux Meter) performs measurements according to ISO 9869 (Thermal insulation - Building elements - In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal trasmittance). The new heat flow meter HFM, manufactured in Italy by Extratech Instruments, uses wireless technology with high capacity customization. 

Now U-value measure is very simple. 

We ensure economic heat flow, configured from only two temperature probes and one probe of the thermal flow, up to more complex configurations 

The temperature probes may be single (a probe on a wireless transmitter) for more precise measurements or coupled (two probes on only one wireless transmitter) as most of the heat flow meter currently on the market in the world

- HFM by using the PT1000 provides a drastic reduction of error in the measurement compared to the solutions currently on the market that use simple cables with PT100 sensor-datalogger several meters in length.

- High customizable system.

- Economic implementation of two simultaneous measurement points (such as a slab and a wall, or two walls) for the reduction of the time of diagnosis.

- More than 100 measuring points simultaneously, can run in a single job (500 sensors). 

- High customizable software for biggest customer satisfaction.

- Question of the probes and evaluation of the eventual extension of the measures without the need to disconnect the probes or discontinue the measures. 

Standard Kit :
- n.4 T-probe wireless datalogger
- n.1 Heat flux wireless datalogger
- n.4 Temperature contact probe PT1000
- n.1 Heat flux plate
- n.1 Manager software for setup operation
- n.1 U-value Software for U-calculation
- n.1 Antenna for wireless PC connection
- n.1 Pen drive with operating manual (language: italian, english)
- n.1 Transport hard case

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